Our Stated Income, No Income Doc programs allow for self-employed, business owners and wage earners to use alternative documents to establish their income to qualify for a mortgage for home purchase or refinance. These loans provide many financing options including a variety of ARM options, 30 year fixed mortgages and even interest only options. Owner-occupied and investment properties qualify under these loan programs. We are able to provide financing even with as little as 10% Down Payment and No Tax Returns are required for these programs.

Alternative documents include any of the following options:

  • Self-employment or company profit and loss (P&L) statements
  • Company or Personal bank statements – 12 or 24 months
  • Rental income from the subject property – Investor Advantage Program
  • As little as 10% down payment options


For rental properties and in lieu of verified income or tax returns, we qualify borrowers based on the market rental value of the subject property. Depending on the loan scenario, up to 100% of the rental income can be used to cover the monthly mortgage payment, property tax and insurance. No other income is required or verified using this scenario, as long as the rental income from the new property is sufficient to cover monthly PITI.


The Bank Statement program is designed to help self-employed borrowers qualify by analyzing their cash flow. In lieu of tax returns, we can utilize 12-24 months of business or personal bank statements. Income is calculated from the average of monthly deposits, NOT the withdrawals. We provide options with as little as 10% down payment.


This program is designed for borrowers who have Work Visas and/or are Expatriates; professionals entering the U.S. on an acceptable temporary or permanent worker visa or U.S. citizens living abroad looking to finance a property in the United States.


The foreign national program allows foreign investors to purchase properties in the California; all foreign income, credit and tax documentations are acceptable; For countries with no taxation or credit systems, these documents will not be required.


A conventional mortgage is a loan that’s not guaranteed by the federal government and adheres to the guidelines and loan limits set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The interest rate on a conventional program can be either fixed or adjustable. 
Down payment as low as 3%(Gifts allowed)
Minimum credit score: 620
Loan amount up to $510000 for single family homes(Higher limits for multi-family) 


FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and make it easier to qualify for a purchase or refinance in scenarios where a borrower may not qualify for a conventional mortgage.
Down payment as low as 3.5%(Gifts allowed)
Minimum credit score: 580(can be 500 with 10 % down)
Lower income requirements
Offer fixed and adjustable interest rates.